The 30 day challenge

Succeeding in a 30 day challengeI think I always knew “that you need to know where you want to go , to actually get there”.
But somehow rather, never really had my finger on the pulse on that one.I’d go at it and then suffer a burn-out real quick.

Moving away from being generic, here’s what I am alluding to.

I often get into a fitness/discipline drive without specifying a timeline.
It seems like you set a goal for yourself that you would want to work at for a lifetime. At least that’s what it becomes technically when you don’t specify a timeline. A burn out thereafter is pretty inevitable.
So this time around I am doing it differently. And here’s how that is.
Instead of gaping into the never-ending abyss of a black hole, I have set myself a 30 day challenge.
In the next 30 days, starting today, I am going to stick to a certain plan and see what the results are like.
Only in the next 30 days. And guess what I am more excited than I have ever been at the start of such routines.
My routine is clear, time-bound and simple. No bells and whistles. And that is what I think can make or break a plan !

I think mentally I am encouraged to know that the fruit of my result sits 30 days away and not somewhere there.
That a small change could make such a difference is rather stupefying. Nonetheless I am all gung-ho !
So here’s a day-to-day to score card :
{ Avoid sugar => No processed sugar, i.e. No Coke,Ice cream,biscuits (except about 4-6 in the morning),chocolates, etc.. Fruits are fine }


DateAvoid SugarPhysical ExhertionControlled DietWeight
06/May81.6 kg
07/May80.6 kg
08/May80.0 kg
09/May79.6 kg
10/May79.8 kg
11/May79.2 kg
12/May79.2 kg
14/May79.6 kg
15/May79.6 kg
16/May79.6 kg
17/May79.6 kg
18/May79.3 kg
19/May78.8 kg
20/May79.0 kg
21/May79.0 kg
22/May78.8 kg
23/May78.6 kg
24/May78.2 kg
25/May78.3 kg
26/May78.4 kg
27/May78.2 kg
28/May78.5 kg
29/May78.4 kg
30/May78.5 kg
31/May78.6 kg
1/June78.3 kg
2/June78.0 kg
3/June78.2 kg
4/June78.1 kg

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