Quality, Integrity and People.

We are motivated in our hearts to be the best we can. The core values that inform our decisions are of Quality over Quantity, Ethical Practices and People over Profits. A long-term mindset is integral to all the decisions we make – we are neither building Rome in a day nor do we believe that it can be made in a day.

With focus on core values we have weathered the thick and thin of the last few years. Our uncompromising attitude has gained us solid relationships across the globe. We are just too blessed.

Up ahead, our love for design is spilling over and reaching into areas we could never have imagined when weI first started out. While we will continue to design for the web, we are also venturing out into print design.

The desire to perfect our processes and do the best work of our lives burns ever so brightly in our hearts. We work with an eternal mindset and pleasing the world is not our focus. Our focus has and will remain – quality and integrity. Appreciation, rewards and honour shall follow naturally.

Our Services

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Graphic Design

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Core Team


Midas Touch

Process, long-term mindset and refine as many times as required – that is Shrey. Shrey handles the thick and thin of all graphic work down here.

When the graphic details are just right, Shrey can be found on soccer fields and in the gym doing squats like it’s nobody’s business.

Yes, OK, OK, Barca for those of you – you know who.


Prof. Standards

Make no mistake, it is not over till Shagun has critiqued it. Shagun lifts us all up to standards that we simply wouldn’t reach by ourselves.

A crazy eye for detail and her never settling attitude make her Prof. Standards down here. She can pick successful products from the ones that will fizzle out just as good as Steve!


Plough Horse (and now the Enforcer)

Meet the plough horse. Admin, meetings, emails, accounting, housekeeping and oh, some design and development as well.

Sidd does everything. But not everything he does makes the cut according to Prof. Standards. But in the end he gets things done.

Hand-lettering, writing, reading and walking are his downtime pursuits.


Steady Tortoise

Rajan goes where none can. “Climb a tree and pluck that fruit, young man”!. “Aye Aye, sir!”.

Rajan serves as the hands and legs of the studio often and carries a sweet smile no matter. The young man has an innocent way about him which comes through within minutes of meeting him.

One day though he wouldn’t mind walking on the moon.

Selected Clients




My Clininc My Docor is a multi-speciality clinic






Colgate Palmolive
Honey Lake Clinic
Latika Roy Foundation
Invisible Girl Project
Peoples Science Institute