Life is cheap | At least in India

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We are many people here in India. Take away a few, makes no difference.
Maybe take away many, still doesn’t make a difference.

I was driving on E.C. Road ( take a look here ) and saw this rather familiar site.
This time around though, I took notice rather differently.

Perched on top this pole holding/relaying electricity cables, were two dare-devils or shall I say lesser life forms .India is great on Twitpic

About 15-20 meters in the air ( could even be more, maybe 25 m ), without safety harnesses or safety belts were two employees of the Uttarakhand Power Corporation. They were fixing something up there.
This I saw from a distance and as I came near to them ,I pulled over in shock.

The rest of the gang stood below with a service vehicle that belonged to the “kabadi bazaar” I guess and looked decades old.India is great #3-the safety committee's ride on Twitpic

There right then, I knew again, Life was so cheap, at least here in India.
Who would give a damn if they fell to their death ?
Did anyone in UPCL ( Uttarakhand Power Corporation ) actually know that this was happening ? And If they did, what made them not care ?
Did anyone care at all ?

Having worked on-board ships, where safety is paramount, this made me very angry.

It is so stupid. It is a shame and is right in India’s face, with all the darn development , what about the value of human life ?
I talked with the gang below, and they said, they had being doing this for about 25 years now.

Can you believe that ? For 25 years no one saw that ? Or saw that and didn’t care .
And this is not the only area of such negligence. All Govt. departments are plagued with such stuff.

But in the end, I guess we could give or take a few, when there are millions to expend.

Somewhere, that it must equate to, that life is cheap and expendable here in India.

Beyond the boundaries of my home and apart from my family, the rest of the world can go to hell.

I am about me and only me.

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