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Flies Flies Lies Lies

Why care? Image credit : antphotos from Flickr

Before you pronounce a death sentence for my blog( after reading the title ), i beseech thee, that thou shall lend me a patient ear.

Shagun and i love the Indian culture. So much so that we talk about it everyday. Sometimes our day starts with and very often ends with it. Plenty in the middle too.
And somewhere in the midst of these jaunty talks, one of us often goes “Goohn ka keeda, Goohn me raazi”.
Over and over again, now for years.

Now, but why?
Let’s talk about our dear maid servant.

Bhaiya, yeh bagal ke plot mein feink detein hun. Khali hai. Chalega.

Meaning “Brother, i ‘ll throw this garbage on the adjacent plot of land, since it is vacant. That will work just fine.”

And “bhaiya” looked back with a belligerent look.
I asked her how would she like me to throw my garbage in her house right now!

But, she argued “it is vacant, so no problem. Everyone does that.”.

I said, maintaining the belligerent look and tone ( in situations like these,that comes naturally to me without knowing or trying )

“Yes. Let me know when you and your family are away and your house is vacant. I will conveniently throw garbage then. That will work right? I promise i will do this behind your back.
Carry one with this mentality and very soon Hindustan would effectively mean Kudadaan, if it already isn’t!”

Scared, she went back to work quietly. She got the message.
We wouldn’t tolerate nonsense and lack of civic sense in the name of the “great Indian culture”.

Shagun, who all this while had been watching from a distance, looked at me and we both went “Goohn ka keeda, Goohn me raazi!”

Don’t you hate it and pull your hair in despair and anger when people just carry on with such attitudes. Why do Indians don’t add value to their work? Why is it always about just getting it done? Why do they not see or appreciate or yearn to do things well and right?
What infected our nation? Where did this plague come from? What a dirty picture?

Not only do we not add value, worse we also discourage it.

Our plumber is another great example.
He came over the other day with his assistant, to look at our underground and overhead water tanks.

One quick look inside each and a decision was made.

These require cleaning. There is a lot of accumulated calcium.

That was fine with us.

But then the assistant began taking off his shoes and shirt.

He exposed his hairy and sweaty chest. His feet. You don’t need to know anymore about those.”

I thought about all the beautiful things in life in that one moment. How ethereal sometimes life can be.
And in the next moment i saw myself drinking water from our filter which was just about to be violated.

I stood in denial and in somewhat a zombie mode.

Don’t you have some equipment or some disposable plastic overalls with matching shoes and gloves?

Why was i even thinking about asking him this.

He replied,

” no need Sir. Such equipment is not required. We will do a good job. Don’t worry. All is well.”

The happenings between that moment and the time that they were done and gone, have been obliterated from my memory. It was like a virus on my hard disk. Momentarily quarantined and forever deleted thereafter.

Shagun who all this while had been watching from a distance again, looked at me and we both went “Goohn ka keeda, Goohn me raazi!”

( Secret: I have known some rare times when the phrase “Goohn ka keeda, Goohn me raazi”, would have been befitting to describe me too! But i have made the effort to not remain so. That much i can say:) )

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