A Change of Heart

On the 31st of December 2010 God threw us a challenge.
There were two litters of pups, each about 2-3 weeks old then and born to regular Indian dogs (street dogs) on the street, quite near to Anjali’s (Shagun’s mother; And shagun is my wife 🙂 place.
We’d stop by and pay these little wonders a visit whenever we visited Anjali.

On the fateful night we were returning home late. It had been raining for a while and as a result the gutters were half-full.
As we passed were the pups lived (they lived in a dry gutter), they were nowhere to been seen. It was late in the night and the rain was coming down good. We stopped and ventured out to see where they were.
Still nowhere to be seen , we began to hear their little cries.

The tiny heartbeats were in the middle of the gutter, stranded on bricks, cold and wet and stuck because the water was high on either side. It was dreadful and heart wrenching. We feared death for all by the morning.
2-3 weeks old pups, wet and cold (late December in Dehradun can be unforgiving), holding onto dear life with water rising on both sides.

I must admit that we were overcome by compassion. We didn’t know what else to do other than to get them out and take them home.
It was a decision that was not made in the head. But logic only goes so far.

It took us the next 1-2 hours to get them out of the gutter. I had to enter it partially. I had never imagined that I would be out wet, in near zero degrees temperature, rescuing pups from a gutter.Finally,we did manage to pull them all out and took them home.
We had no clue what we would do with them the next day. We just had to take them home, some place safe; we couldn’t in our conscience just let the moment pass and leave the dogs to die. We did what we felt called to.

Today it’s just over a month and a half and the tiny heartbeats are twice the size. Shagun has always had a huge heart for animals but I had been pretty ordinary. She has her way of looking at animals and strangely she would find them all cute and feel so much love for God’s creations. I wasn’t all that.

But I have since changed.I know a love and appreciation in my heart for God’s creation like never before. That which was ordinary once is amazing and awesome now to me. In my heart I have changed. I feel and perceive differently for animals.

I really can’t believe that , that’s how I am now. God never fails to amuse.
Well so much for the little pups and their tiny story. There is something more that I would like to share with you all.

Indian dogs often just called street dogs or desi, are a common sight in India.
Very interestingly most people would like to see our streets cleared of street dogs as well as all other strays but are still waiting for some Miracle to happen. They want to see them gone but don’t want to have anything to do with bringing about the change.

When we had advertised our dogs for adoption, we got some queries. However nearly all of them would immediately lose interest, once they got to know that these were just streets dogs – the ordinary Indian Dogs.

Well that off-course is very well understandable.

For most people keeping a dog is not about the their love for the Dog; it is about their love for themselves.
The dog must be an expensive, special breed to help them correct the identity crisis in their lives.
These attributes of the dog must deliver well for them in the society to keep-up the show-off and their pride.
Our desi dogs would understandably only borrow from their entire setup of things.
What in the world would their neighbours, relatives, friends, family think of them ? CHEAP !
They’d be ashamed of themselves.

We met many such people among those who showed interest in adopting our little heartbeats. Well enough said.
PFA ( People for Animals ) is now running a campaign wherein they are supporting people who adopt street dogs by providing free vaccinations and sterilisations. Hahaha ! A few good men !

Here’s another side of the story.
Our pups are 8 in number and that means :-

  1. Huge investment of our time and taking care – We fell in love with them
  2. Increased monthly expenses – we are also planning kids pretty soon !
  3. Being constantly told how foolish we are – but we are called to be unconventional
  4. A whole lot more discipline in our lives – see the benefit !
  5. A good 8kgf in weight loss for me over 1.5 months – for good; I needed that bad !
  6. Abundant supply of unconditional love – Here Human – this is your chance to learn it right
  7. A lot more dependence on God – How it ought to be

To end this little post, I am posting some photographs of our little wonders.
By the way, I haven’t told you their names. They are Koko, Piper, Brandy, Waffles, Jemma, Frisky, Barney and Fluffy.

Here’s the pictures :-

[justified_image_grid facebook_id=570787110 facebook_album=472274422110]

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  • raj

    Cost of following…".foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the son of Man has no place to lay his head". LK.9:58

    • Sidd

      The holes from the foxes and the air from the birds have been taken away by man. Now man, the foxes and the birds have no places to lay their heads. Where is our responsibility in it ? Are we only responsible for men ?

    • Sid Spyker

      It’s so easy to post quotes from Bible, it’s difficult to actually go out and DO something.

      (Yeah I know it’s a late reply.)

  • Sidd

    Frisk died early March.

  • DSMCtoday

    Hi Sidd, Nice website and nice ambience about you. I happned to visit Latika Roy Foundation and then jumped to your site. Just wanted to say hello and great work. I am a web designer too, based in Dehra Dun and I am inspired by your work. Cheers.

    • Sidd

      Hi!  Thanks for your kind words.

  • amit

    Sidd, how can we connect? Need to speak regarding some contract work in design. I am at aanand388@gmail.com

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